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Leadership is a quality that many of us strive to instill in our lives. However, far too often, leadership is cultivated at later stages in life. The Leadership Academy of Creative Arts believes in growing leaders no matter the age. By building leaders with integrity, compassion, and self-accountability, we then are able to create a better community for future generations.

Our Upcoming Leadership Experiences

The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is designed for children ages 6 - 12 and for teens ages 13-17. We also have a specialized cohort for participants who are currently seeking a high school diploma. The Leadership Academy focuses on identifying your unique purpose and style of leadership. Graduates of the Academy are able to apply for a paid internship with TLACA.

The Little

Leaders' Academy

Our Little Leaders' Academy is designed for babies and children 0-5 years old. The Little Leader Academy focuses on establishing early communication and equips families with the tools to encourage their little ones to lead early.


Leader Academy

The Parent Leader Academy is designed for our parents who are raising young leaders. Parent Leader Academy focuses on providing resources, tools, and tips to promote leadership within the family and surrounding community.

Parent Leader Academy


Dr. Jennifer Hills & Krystal Hills are natives from Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX. Their passion for education, leadership, and advocacy combined with their passion for their community fueled them to birth The Leadership Academy of Creative Arts.  

From a young age, they both knew that they were called to be leaders in their family, the church, and their community. The Leadership Development Series has helped numerous community members set and attain goals that then added equity and economic stability within the household. 

Jennifer & Krystal continue working hard to provide free quality education and support to the Oak Cliff community. They welcome you and invite you to join the village.





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