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Meet Dr. Jennifer Hills, Ed.D
& Krystal Hills, C.G.

Founders of 
The Leadership Academy of Creative Arts


The challenge to discover our unique purpose became a life-changing journey for Krystal Hills and me. Our exploration of self and purpose took a turn as we educated ourselves in the guiding principles of Leadership, Creative Arts & Human Design. This process became a compass, navigating us through the depths of self-discovery and illuminating the keys to our respective destinies.

Our connection with the arts and Human Design became a cornerstone in understanding the unique imprints that shape our individual journeys. The interplay of elements within human design provided us with insights into our innate strengths, challenges, and the distinctive contributions we were destined to make in this world.

Motivated by the impact of this human journey, we passionately advocate for our members to undertake a similar exploration. We believe in the power of self-study through the lens of leadership, creative arts and human design, recognizing it as a potent catalyst for aligning individuals with their life paths. This process not only unveils the nuances of one’s purpose but also becomes a guiding force in navigating the complexities of life with clarity and intention. We welcome you to join the movement.

With love,

The Hills Sisters

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