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Restoring the role of the village by building healthy leaders in communities.

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The Leadership Academy of Creative Arts (TLACA) utilizes a multi-generational approach to promoting culturally relevant leadership, social-emotional wellness, and thriving communities. TLACA believes in the power of the village and the role that every member plays within the community including children, teens, and elders.


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TLACA provides education, leadership development, and whole family support to help family units thrive within their communities. Our unique experiences and opportunities assist our members with growing and sharing their gifts and talents with one another as well as the community at large. 



Awaken Your Inner Leader.

Join the thriving community of TLACA! We Welcome leaders of all ages.


Build Confidence in Leadership

We believe that you can be a leader at any age.  Join the Village of TLACA and get a head start on growing your leadership skills. Learn more about yourself, grow in your talents and gifts and become a leader in our village community.


Involve Your Family

Gain access to a variety of resources, tools, and experiences to help empower leadership and community within your family. Families who join the village are able to connect with a Family Learning Specialist to receive support with setting and attaining family goals.


Expand Your Economic Mobility

We understand that it takes a village, and we are the village. We also believe in community equity and economics.  Joining our village helps expand your economic mobility as it connects you with a network of business leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and more.

Our TLACA Village Members get access to exclusive experiences, workshops, events & more!

 Enroll in our Leadership Academy and learn more about your unique purpose and calling towards being whom you were created to be. Share your personal talents and gifts within the village. Become a part of our village and gain real-world experiences by serving as leaders within your family and the community. 

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