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Student Leadership Experience 2023

The Student Leadership Experience

Our organization’s mission is centered around building healthy leaders in communities. During the Spring 2023 cohort, our students engaged in professional development that strengthened their leadership skills at home, school, and in the community.


The students are working towards earning a certification as an associate in leadership development. They will also be awarded a digital badge credential which can be used to enhance resumes and qualify for summer employment within our organization.

Brittany R. with Wake Up 4 Legacy teaches about financial empowerment during our Spring Break Leadership Camp.

Photo: Krystal Hills


Meet the movers, shakers, and leaders of the organization.

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Project Manager

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Story Telling with Ashwina K.

During our TLACA Student Leadership Experience, village member Ashwina Kirpalani-Vasanjee presented "Telling Stories with Data." Not only did our students learn how to read data, but they were also informed of the huge Math gaps among Black/African American students. Learning this information empowered our student leaders to host a Math Camp for their peers to decrease these learning gaps within the education system.

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Successful completers will receive a certificate in leadership and a digital badge credential. Students will also be offered a stipend apprenticeship with TLACA during the summer of 2023. Register below to schedule your interview!
The application close at 5:55 PM on June 6, 2023.

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To apply for our Summer 2023 Student Leadership Experience, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Ages 12-17 years old

  • Reside in a minority community in the DFW Metroplex

  • Able to attend virtual and in-person sessions

  • Have an interest in starting and managing a business

  • Interested in leadership and personal development

  • Committed to bettering yourself to become a healthy leader in the community

  • Possess time management skills and commit to completing projects and managing deadlines

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As part of your child’s experience in The Student Leadership Experience with TLACA, your child will participate in Dallas City of Learning (DCOL), an education initiative and online platform designed to help students discover new interests, develop skills, and earn recognition for learning achievements.


DCOL is a partnership with the City of Dallas and Dallas Independent School District and is managed by Big Thought, a non-profit organization committed to closing the opportunity gap in Dallas. Some data you have provided, including student name, birth date, and student ID number will be shared with DCOL to enable your child’s participation.

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