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We believe in bringing out the best in everyone by helping our villagers set and attain goals.

Let us help you attain your goals
no matter how big or small.

Success Stories From The Village

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Elias H.

Elias started enrichment with TLACA from the time he entered the womb. He was reading before the age of 3 and is now excelling as a Kindergarten student.


Shawna L.

Shawna enjoys the art of Dancing. During the summer of her freshman year, she set the goal to attend South Oak Cliff High School and become a dancer. She is now a senior at SOC and is one of the captains on the dance team.


Jennifer, Theresa & Krystal

Jennifer, Theresa & Krystal have been working together over the past few years to bring positive opportunities and experiences to the Oak Cliff community. They have all given birth to successful nonprofits that help the commnunity.

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